Month: January 2018

The Forklift Fuel Robbery

With fuel prices on the increase, even a small difference in fuel efficiency adds up to very large savings – money that no company can afford to waste.

Forklift Trucks are at the heart of most UK manufacturing companies, helping to move materials during production and getting the product ready to enter and leave the warehouse. But fuelling costs for forklift operations can run into the thousands over a typical contract! While many companies are taking advantage of › Read More

Batteries and chargers: it’s crucial to buy smart

Is buying an intelligent charger worth the outlay? Do cheap batteries save money in the long run?

The importance of optimum battery life for your application and ensuring it’s matched with the right charger becomes easily overlooked when looking at the prices of them. It’s human nature to want to go for the cheaper price. However, if you have a poor match, it can dramatically shorten the life of the battery. But a good battery and charger union could › Read More