31 Years at Welfaux for Our Operations Director, Richard Blagden!

Our Operations Director, Richard Blagden, recently celebrated over 30 years at Welfaux. We caught up with him to discuss his (many) years of keeping Welfaux running smoothly! 


Committing 30 years of your service and expertise to just one company is no small feat, which is why we are so thrilled that our Operations Director, Richard Blagden, has chosen to do just that at Welfaux. 

Richard started at Welfaux in July 1989, having started working in the forklift industry in ‘87. He began his career at Welfaux as a Service Engineer before proceeding into Sales, where he worked as part of the team that secured Welfaux a contract to supply 40+ forklift trucks to DHL Global Forwarding – one of his proudest achievements. He progressed to become a Director of the company in 2015; something he recalls as a “great recognition for [his] longstanding commitment.” 

Now he spends his time as Operations Director managing and interacting in every part of the business and playing an instrumental role in the day-to-day running of the company. Richard loves the challenge of his role, explaining, “I enjoy my interaction with the whole team at Welfaux and the juggling act of what we do, be it fixing, selling or organising anything to do with the business to make it work as efficiently as possible.”

With such extensive experience in the forklift industry, we thought we’d get the inside scoop on his star products at Welfaux. His favourite product? The Mitsubishi Grendia forklift: “The Mitsubishi Grendia is the best engine powered truck on the market; it is driver-friendly, extremely fuel efficient and is practically bullet-proof.”

However, he is also a big fan of some of Mitsubishi’s electric offerings: “Of course we are all heading towards electric power nowadays and the Mitsubishi Edia electric range of forklift trucks is proving to be every bit as good as the Mitsubishi engine-powered range.“

It has been an absolute privilege to work with Richard throughout the years. We feel extremely lucky that he remains part of the Welfaux team, using his knowledge and experience to make Welfaux a fantastic place for both the rest of the team and our customers