Black Friday is looming… get ready for it! Hire an extra Forklift Truck to handle the load

Seasonal or event-related retail ‘spikes’ such as Black Friday are becoming ever more extreme, and can seriously affect even supply chains that are not directly involved. To help companies deal with huge spikes in demand that may also occur throughout the year, Welfaux Materials Handling are able to provide companies with an extra Forklift or two on short-term hire.

But, as Andy Bean, Area Sales Manager with Welfaux explains – time is of the essence: “We have seen a flurry of urgent enquiries for our short term hire fleet recently. Some warehouse and distribution managers are even hiring trucks just in case their existing fleet trucks get a break-down.”

Retail events such as Black Friday coupled with the ever increasing capacity issues for warehouse and distribution centres in the build up to Christmas make having the right equipment crucial. With recent weather reports forecasting a harsh winter, it seems likely that consumers will order their Christmas shopping online in the comfort of their homes rather than make the treacherous trip to the High Street. Having enough tools to handle the job is just as important as making sure you have enough trained seasonal staff.

If you think that your business will benefit from a short-term hire of a Fork Lift, Reach Truck or other handling equipment, please contact Andy Bean at Welfaux immediately:

0118 978 3838

[email protected]