Byte Walk Behind Scrubber Drier

Highly manoeuvrable, super-compact

Byte is a walk-behind floor scrubber that fits through spaces just 46cm wide. This makes it ideal for cleaning tight spaces, such as narrow doorways and small buildings.

Scrubs The Floor

As the floor scrubber moves, a single brush head scrubs the floor with detergent solution from the 30 litre solution tank.

Clean and Dry

A V-shaped squeegee, at the back of the floor scrubber, collects the dirty water, in its 30 litre recovery tank, leaving the floor spotlessly clean and dry.

Battery or Mains

Byte floor scrubber is available either battery or mains powered. Both versions feature a water consumption reduction system, which means it cleans further and longer.

Adjustable Controls

Operators can adjust the handle-bar to suit their height. Other controls are user-friendly and ergonomically placed.

Reliable and Simple to Maintain

Byte is reliable and simple to maintain. It comes with a twelve month guarantee. Byte is a powerful floor scrubber, popular with companies that want high performance cleaning from a compact machine.

Byte Specification

Cleaning Width: 460mm
Motor: 12v Electric
Power: 0.82
Batteries: 2 x 12-85
Traction: Semi Automatic
Dimensions: 110x51x110
Weight: 66
Manual Start
Drive: electric


  • 2 years parts & labour warranty
  • Available for long term rental
  • Call 0118 978 3838 for more details and prices

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