Go Walk Behind Scrubber Driers

GO is suitable for cleaning medium areas

GO is the first scrubber-drier designed by RCM for fast cleaning of all areas which need to be cleaned quickly, leaving no wetness behind.

Walk Behind Scrubber Drier

Our GO walk behind scrubber drier has a cleaning capacity of up to 1500 square metres per hour. It is a low-cost, compact machine that is great for cleaning smaller commercial and industrial areas. Not only does it clean exceptionally well it also leaves the floor completely dry.

Power and Performance

All walk behind scrubber driers must be heavy enough to produce the brush pressure needed to clean but light enough to work with over prolonged periods. Our Go machine balances this need perfectly.

Scrubbing Brush Options

GO floor scrubbers come with either single or twin disc scrubbing heads, choose depending on your cleaning requirement. Twin brushes can give a wider cleaning width and allow higher brush pressures to be used when floors are particularly dirty. Single brush head machines are simpler and therefore less to buy.

Easy to Use

Extremely light and easy to manoeuvre GO scrubber driers turn through 360 degrees within their own length. All models have powered traction, some using their scrubbing action to pull the machine along other models have directly powered rear wheels. Choose between battery powered or mains powered models, again based upon your cleaning requirement. The mains powered model tips the scales at a featherweight 68kgs!

Clean and Dry!

GO scrubber driers have four-sided squeegee blades and powerful vacuum motors that remove the cleaning solution in a single pass. Floors are left clean and dry.

Easy to Fill and Empty

Removable dirty water recovery tanks mean simple emptying and cleaning between uses. Where cleanliness is paramount, such as in food or pharmaceutical factories, GO floor scrubbers will help maintain the highest hygiene standards.

Walk Behind

Walk behind scrubber driers have to be easy to use. An adjustable handle with controls that fall easily to hand make this machine a favorite with operators. Having easy-to-get-at tanks and water level indicators help efficiency and extensive sound deadening and non-marking tyres mean that its presence is barely noticeable.

Why Choose a Go Walk Behind Scrubber Drier?

If you are looking for a robust, easy to use and reliable floor scrubber that will work hard in a tough environment then look no further than the Go. This is the best mid-range walk behind scrubber drier, you will be delighted.

Go 532 Specification

Go 511C Specification

Cleaning Width: 530mm Cleaning Width: 500
Drying Width: 780mm Filter Surface area: 3m2
Cleaning Capacity: 1590 Motor: 240vAC Electric
Power: Battery Power: 0.55
Batteries: 2 x 12v 140w Dimensions: 100x107x56
Traction: Electronic Drive Weight: 68
Dimensions: 100x110x55    
Weight: 72.5kg    
Vacuum Motor: 500w    
Brushes: Twin    
Brakes: Service and Parking    
Max Speed: 3    


  • 2 years parts & labour warranty
  • Available for long term rental
  • Call 0118 978 3838 for more details and prices

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