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They Say a Cleaner Engine Leads to a Cleaner Conscience

…and your conscience will definitely be cleaner when you realise that having a forklift truck with a clean engine is good for the environment. plus, it’s better for your total cost of ownership too!

Demand for lower vehicle emissions and higher fuel efficiency in the automotive industry has drifted over other motive industries. And, industrial lift trucks are no exception. Besides market demand also (European) regulations influenced the development of the modern industrial engines. But having a clean engine could › Read More


Interested in boosting productivity without having to invest in the most powerful and expensive equipment? Expert rest_0808_8_main_inline_1.jpgsearchers explain the crucial factors to look out for.

To boost forklift productivity, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the weight of the truck. If, including load, it exceeds 10% on the rear axle, your operations can work with more confidence.

Surely good acceleration and high top speeds are the deciding factors › Read More


Need extra-flexible goods handling? Four-way reach trucks, for example, operate in four directions. These workhorses are especially suitable for long bulky goods such as boards, planks and pipes.

When it comes to picking the right warehouse truck, your choice is influenced by how much you want to lift, how high you want to lift it, how far you want to travel and how much space you have to work in. Our simple guide should help you pinpoint the › Read More

Mousetrap deaths now top workplace killer

How one simple step can avoid tragedy in your firm

Tipping accidents are confirmed as one of the biggest causes of fatal accidents in the workplace, and distressingly, in almost all of these cases, the driver was ‘mousetrapped’ between the truck and ground. Recent studies by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (OSHA) stated that being act of being ‘mousetrapped’ can cause massive trauma to the head and upper body or worse, › Read More

Cheap Tyres – are they worth the risk?

"Good quality tyres moved 14% more pallets in a single shift"

We all like a bargain… especially in tough times. The trouble is that paying less can actually cost more in the long run… Take tyres for example. It’s easy to assume that they’re are all the same, right? WRONG! In a recent, wide-ranging and rigorous study we discovered that cheap tyres affect stability and dramatically reduce productivity, making them a very poor investment. During forklift › Read More

Take care when adding hydraulic attachments to new electric forklift trucks

If you’re in the process of ordering an electric forklift truck with a hydraulic attachment you need to take special care. Unless it is correctly specified and fitted, you could cut the operating life of your battery by 50%. Read on and we’ll tell you how a leading company discovered, to its cost, the problems caused by a mismatch between truck and attachment … what caused the problem… and what you can do to avoid it happening to you. › Read More

Bad Vibrations – Are your forklift trucks falling foul of the law?

Lowering your forklift’s travelling speed can greatly reduce the level of body vibrations created.

Body vibrations on forklift trucks have been a hot topic from the moment European Directive 2002/44/EC shone the spotlight on them. The big question is whether the use of damping techniques and better seats is really worthwhile? Wouldn’t it be better to meet the directive another way? A recent series of on-site tests provide the answer. According to Directive 2002/44/EC on body vibrations, employers must prevent › Read More

The impact of forklift design and ergonomics – free poster

In any forklift truck, the part that has the biggest impact on safety, performance and running costs is also the most expensive. It’s the operator.

Over the life of your forklift truck, you’ll spend more on operators’ wages than anything else – and with good reason. If your operation is going to be safe, efficient and productive, the driver is your most important investment. The first thing any forklift truck should be is a good place to work – but too many › Read More