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Can You See Why Your Business is at Risk?



When it comes to purchasing a new truck, it is operator visibility that tops most forklift buyers’ wish lists. Indeed, in a recent pan-European study, 62 percent of respondents named operator visibility as the most critical factor in their truck buying decision – ahead of reliability, stability and operating costs.
And for good reason, too. During forklift operations, operators rely on their vision to gather › Read More



Need extra-flexible goods handling? Four-way reach trucks, for example, operate in four directions. These workhorses are especially suitable for long bulky goods such as boards, planks and pipes.

When it comes to picking the right warehouse truck, your choice is influenced by how much you want to lift, how high you want to lift it, how far you want to travel and how much space you have to work in. Our simple guide should help you pinpoint the › Read More

Cheap Tyres – are they worth the risk?


"Good quality tyres moved 14% more pallets in a single shift"

We all like a bargain… especially in tough times. The trouble is that paying less can actually cost more in the long run… Take tyres for example. It’s easy to assume that they’re are all the same, right? WRONG! In a recent, wide-ranging and rigorous study we discovered that cheap tyres affect stability and dramatically reduce productivity, making them a very poor investment. During forklift › Read More

The Benefits of Regular Site Surveys


Regular Site Surveys Can Help Prevent Accidents, Improve Productivity and Save Money

It’s incredibly important to optimise the resources that are essential, no matter what your industry is. With storage, handling and distributing accounting for as much as 90% of the total production cycle, streamlining operations offers opportunities for the greatest dividends. Regular site inspections can allow you to uncover potential problems, everything from damaged equipment to inefficiency. More importantly, it gives you an opportunity to maximise efficiency, something › Read More

The Forklift Fuel Robbery


With fuel prices on the increase, even a small difference in fuel efficiency adds up to very large savings – money that no company can afford to waste.

Forklift Trucks are at the heart of most UK manufacturing companies, helping to move materials during production and getting the product ready to enter and leave the warehouse. But fuelling costs for forklift operations can run into the thousands over a typical contract! While many companies are taking advantage of › Read More

Batteries and chargers: it’s crucial to buy smart


Is buying an intelligent charger worth the outlay? Do cheap batteries save money in the long run?

The importance of optimum battery life for your application and ensuring it’s matched with the right charger becomes easily overlooked when looking at the prices of them. It’s human nature to want to go for the cheaper price. However, if you have a poor match, it can dramatically shorten the life of the battery. But a good battery and charger union could › Read More

Take care when adding hydraulic attachments to new electric forklift trucks

2573If you’re in the process of ordering an electric forklift truck with a hydraulic attachment you need to take special care. Unless it is correctly specified and fitted, you could cut the operating life of your battery by 50%. Read on and we’ll tell you how a leading company discovered, to its cost, the problems caused by a mismatch between truck and attachment … what caused the problem… and what you can do to avoid it happening to you. › Read More

Welfaux guide to buying a used forklift truck

2543At Welfaux, our customers often ask for guidance on buying a used forklift and other handling equipment. As prices for new forklift trucks drop, the incentive to buy a second hand unit (refurbished or not) is becoming increasingly difficult to justify in some circumstances. The reliability of a new truck, combined with very cheap finance deals often makes a used truck a non starter for many businesses.  However, there are times when a used unit could be justified, so we set out › Read More

How new forklift battery technology can save you money


New-style chargers can pay for themselves in less than a year

Forklift battery save money

Simply switching over to electric power can deliver substantial savings, so much so that we often take this energy source for granted. But there are some additional technological advancements out there. We’ve spoken to some of the industry’s leading manufacturers of forklift batteries, chargers and systems to find out about how these innovations deliver tangible › Read More