The law requires that workplaces are maintained in a condition that is safe and without risk to safety and health. Vehicles must be kept safe and fit for purpose and the driver must be able to get in and out of the vehicle safely. Forklifts also are classed as work equipment.

Forklift Operation is a Specialised Job

It is estimated that tens of thousands are injured or killed a year due to accidents involving forklifts. Which is why forklift operation is considered a specialised job, that requires thorough training and authorisation from your employer. Operators need to take extra special care when it comes to operating any type of heavy machinery. You must adhere to procedures and protocols to reduce any accidents. It’s imperative that training and regulations must be implemented and practised.

A Thorough Examination

A Thorough Examination is a forklifts equivalent to a cars MOT. It’s a way of certifying that, at the time of testing, all the components which have a bearing of safety have a formal inspection and assessed as being in a safe condition. A Thorough Examination is distinctly separate from a trucks regular maintenance programme and you shouldn’t consider it as part of the maintenance. It’s actually an examination embedded in legislation and so as a result, you would not normally include a Thorough Examination in a maintenance agreement, unless you specifically request it.

It’s a Legal Requirement

It is a legal requirment to do a Thorough Examination under two pieces of Health and Safety legislations; LOLER 98 and PUWER 98.

What are Your Duties as an Employer?

As an employer or the owner, it is your obligation to have a current Report of Thorough Examination, akin to a MOT. You must do this on all trucks you have in service, including hire trucks. It must comply with Schedule of 1 of LOLER 98. You must be able to produce it when required to do so by an enforcement officer.

You must carry out a Thorough Examination at least every 12 months, depending on the intensity of use, the application and the nature of any attachments. The regulations may require this interval to be reduced to 6 or even 4 months. The examination must be done by a designated Competent Person under the terms of the regulations. The examiner must have had appropriate experience and training.

The Welfaux Conclusion:

To ensure safe operation, your Forklift Trucks must be serviced at least twice if not more, annually, and it is not to be operated by an unlicensed driver. You must also be issued with a ‘Fork Test Certificate’, a ‘Chain Test Certificate’ and a ‘L.O.L.E.R. Welfaux offers a Forklift Safety Inspection and we’re accredited by the CFTS to carry out Through Examination inspections. If you need any information, require advice or want us to provide this service for your equipment then please get in touch with us.

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