Forklift Trucks for Printers

The printing and publishing industry often requires lifting and handling of large rolls, sheets and printed materials that shouldn’t be attempted physically by employees. Which is why Welfaux supply this industry with the material handling equipment they need.

Welfaux has been working alongside printing and publishing companies since we first opened in 1986 and have supplied an array of solutions to their unique needs in terms of lifting and handling large rolls, sheets and printed materials. 

Everything from the storage and racking of the paper and rolls and the narrow aisle forklifts used to move the materials to the scissor lifts used to ensure no-one has to climb a ladder. Welfaux works closely with printers and publishing companies to determine their needs and offer the correct equipment for the job.

Because the use of material handling equipment doesn’t require a license, Welfaux offers competitive training to ensure that your staff feel confident with the equipment, whilst increasing their productivity. We also respond quickly and diligently to urgent maintenance and breakdown calls, meaning that you’ll never have to deal with finding someone who can fix or service the equipment.

As printing and publishing organisations aren’t renowned for having transportation on hand to move mechanical equipment, Welfaux offer a specialist delivery service, whereby material handling equipment can be delivered straight to your door – front or back! Plus, if you need existing handling equipment serviced, whether or not it’s a brand we sell or if it’s in good or bad condition, we can service that on site too.

If you’re in the printer and publishing industry and you need anything from a forklift truck to hire over a short period or a whole fleet of new forklifts on long term hire or hire purchase, Welfaux is the supplier for you.

Call us on 0118 978 3838 or email [email protected] for more information and to request a site visit. Our team will be able to assess your handling equipment needs and we can provide immediate quotations for new or used forklift trucks and any other handling equipment.