In the recycling and waste management sector you could be dealing with a crate full of recyclable plastic or a barrel of chemical waste, either way you need the right equipment for the job.

Welfaux offer equipment that is designed, developed and built for many different challenges, including those found in a recycling and waste management centre. We can help you find the perfect materials handling tools that are flexible and efficient to help you operate safely, reduce downtime and maximise material handling volume.

Welfaux carries a complete selection of new and used equipment than can help extend the reach of your business. We specialise in everything from new forklifts to used forklifts, access equipment to sweepers and driers. We have everything a recycling and waste management business could possibly need – including fork trucks for short term hire.

Not only that, but we can also provide competitive training to your staff, thus increasing their confidence in the machinery and their productivity. This will also ensure that your working environment is that little bit safer.

Specialist delivery is something you can expect when hiring or purchasing from Welfaux. We can supply new and used equipment to your doorstep at any time to suit you. If you need your existing handling equipment serviced, we can do that on-site too – no matter what the brand is or the condition it’s in, we’re here for you.

Reliability is embedded in our work-style; if for any reason you need urgent breakdown assistance and/or maintenance, we respond quickly and competently, meaning your business can carry on as normal.

If you’re in the recycling and waste management sector and you need anything from a forklift truck to hire over a short period or a whole fleet of new forklifts on long term hire or hire purchase, Welfaux are the supplier for you.

Call us on 0118 978 3838 or email [email protected] for more information and to request a site visit. Our team will be able to assess your handling equipment needs and we can provide immediate quotations for new or used forklift trucks and any other handling equipment.