How new forklift battery technology can save you money

New-style chargers can pay for themselves in less than a year

Forklift battery save money

Simply switching over to electric power can deliver substantial savings, so much so that we often take this energy source for granted. But there are some additional technological advancements out there.

We’ve spoken to some of the industry’s leading manufacturers of forklift batteries, chargers and systems to find out about how these innovations deliver tangible rewards to your business.

A newcomer to the marketplace

HF chargersPerhaps the most exciting area development in battery technology is in HF, or high frequency chargers.

HF chargers are up to 15% more efficient than your typical 50 Hz charger. They are up to four times lighter and smaller than traditional offerings. And with an electrolyte mixing system, the installation costs are as much as 60% less than a traditional charger.

What does this mean in real terms? If your energy price is 11 cent per kWh, an HF charger can recover the whole investment cost of a 50Hz charger in just one year.”

This is a constantly evolving technology… and for good reason, too. The cost of fuel and the current economic climate mean that this development of technology will only accelerate.

How long will your battery last?

A typical battery life consists of 1200 charges lasting approximately 5 hours each, or roughly 6,000 hours. Quick calculations allow you to identify when this vital component will need replacement.

Let’s look at a truck which has already worked 1,000 hours at a rate of 24 hours per week (1248 hours annually).


Finding the right system for your site

Which battery or motive power system you choose, of course, depends very much on your application. There are a number of major factors to be considered, including:

  • Number of shifts
  • Internal processes
  • Operation time
  • Ambient temperatures

High frequency vs 50 Hz chargers

High frequency chargers

Our advice is to contact an experienced supplier for what’s best for your operations. If in doubt, contact us now.

Most importantly, whether you’re replacing your truck or looking after your existing one, remember that your battery is your fuel for the next five years or more, providing you look after it according to the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance.

Action Points to consider:

  • A forklift battery can be worth 30% of your truck’s value
  • HF chargers are 15% more efficient
  • HF chargers are four times lighter and smaller
  • Installation costs are up to 60% less than a traditional charging system