Keep Your Workplace Safe and Clean with Kärcher

Health and hygiene are at the forefront of business concerns at the moment so that work can continue uninterrupted and staff can remain safe. We supply mechanical cleaning equipment from Kärcher to provide you with efficient and intensive cleaning products to keep your workplace safe.


With an unrivalled international reputation, Kärcher produces professional mechanical cleaning equipment, including pressure washers, commercial cleaners, vacuums, and detergents. Their products are fantastic for warehouses, construction, industrial buildings, offices, retail and more. The advantage of mechanical cleaning over manual cleaning is that floors can be cleaned and vacuumed in a single pass and you can remove dirt and germs that you couldn’t with a manual cleaning cloth or mop.

Particularly in workplaces during Covid-19, mechanical cleaning equipment like scrubber dryers are a great contact-free cleaning option. The use of scrubber dryers also increases efficiency due to the higher area output, allowing a larger area to be cleaned in a shorter time. In addition, scrubber dryers apply a much higher contact pressure to the surface to be cleaned. 

At Welfaux, we stock Kärcher scrubber dryers which are fantastic at removing dirt, dust and residues from hard floors in a single pass leaving surfaces instantly dry and clean. From maintenance cleaning to deep cleaning, polishing and stripping, a Kärcher scrubber dryer delivers outstanding cleaning performance and improves health and safety in your business while increasing cleaning productivity.

Welfaux can also provide Kärcher sweepers, which come in three varieties. Firstly, the walk-behind sweeper, ideal for courtyards, paths, workshops and halls, to be used by caretakers, tradesmen, contract cleaners and industry. They are ergonomic and easy to use, sweeping thoroughly with low dust development. 

Then there are the vacuum sweepers, available in a wide range of machines and therefore meeting all requirements. Economical, clean and efficient on medium-sized and large areas, Kärcher’s vacuum sweepers utilise the latest, customer-oriented technology as well as easy handling, access and service.

Finally, industrial sweepers. Whether the logistics sector, steel processing, construction industry or cement works, Kärcher industrial sweepers are a fantastic option for reliability and efficiency. They are designed for tough industrial use for large areas and the award-winning filter system ensures a dust-free environment at all times. 


For more information about the best Kärcher solution for your business, just give us a call.