Smart, robust and uncomplicated

Intuitive operation and powerful performance that’s built to last.

Our forklifts are award winning and they are scattered with advanced features. They take on the most demanding of tasks and long shifts, indoors and out, whatever the weather.

3 Wheel

Small spaces are no match for the 3 wheel powerful performance

Our brand new three wheel forklift turns tighter than ever, offering unrivalled, sure footed, precise performance in the smallest of places. Advanced electronic ensure their intuitive operation delivers outstanding performance even when working the longest of shifts.

4 Wheel

More robust, more intuitive and all round better

The new four wheel forklift delivers a tougher, more precise and higher performance than ever before, indoors or out. Advanced systems ensure their instinctive operation stay productive on the longest shifts. It’s countering operator fatigue too, with their improved, more comfortable working environment.

Electric forklift trucks with unrivalled performance and precision.

Everything about the EDiA range inspired confidence. And that’s powerful. Because confidence makes you productive. Every feature is designed to help you focus on putting the truck, and the lad, in precisely the right place.

And with low maintenance, class-leading efficiency and the famous reliability that Mitsubishi so proudly produce, you can keep on doing it. Time after time after time. it takes a manufacturer with the knowledge of Mitsubishi and a dealer with the experience of Welfaux, to make a forklift feel this much like home

Mitsubishi EDiA FB14-20 Series - 3-Wheel Electric Counterbalance


Meet the EDiA EM. It’s the most intelligent truck on the market and one of the most durable. Packed with features, it delivers the manoeuvrability, power and reliability you expect from a Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi EDiA FB14-20 Series - 4-Wheel Electric Counterbalance


Designed and engineered to perform, these 48-volt three and four-wheel electrics work intuitively, tailoring their performance to your individual operator. EDiA EM’s sophisticated software analyses behaviour in real-time and automatically adjusts the truck’s behaviour for safe-but-productive performance.