New Aisle-Master AM15 Delivered to Magnum Brands Group for 5-Year Hire

We came up with a great, cost-effective solution for leading brand owner & developer, Magnum Brands Group, when we noticed their old truck was no longer fit for use. 


Magnum Brands Group is a leading brand owner and developer delivering award-winning products that keep up with the ever-changing market trends, habits and attitudes of the consumer. They were an existing customer of ours at Welfaux, having agreed a servicing contract with us a few years ago. Recently, we carried out a routine inspection on their existing truck and noticed a number of issues with it that needed attention and made it unfit for use, so we recommended taking on a like-for-like replacement.


After looking at both new and refurbished equipment and the various different acquisition methods, the customer settled on a new Aisle-Master AM15 on a 5-year hire with maintenance. Hiring gives them the added peace of mind that all routine maintenance and breakdowns are covered within the scope of the agreement.


The Aisle-Master AM15 can operate in aisle widths as small as 2.1m, allowing for up to 50% more storage space in the premises. When space costs so much around the London area, this piece of kit can be the difference between a company moving to new premises or not.


Ultimately, this truck is a fantastic choice for the customer as it will enable them to narrow their aisles and add more racking/pallet storage. This truck is able to work both indoors and outdoors, eliminating the need for a two-truck operation.


We delivered the truck to Magnum Group in December, approximately two months after they first contacted us, as time was taken to ensure we had the right solution for them. We supplied a rental truck to support them in the meantime whilst they waited. We delivered to their warehouse in Ruislip, Greater London, and they got to work with it straight away!


We look forward to helping them with any future needs as they continue to grow.