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John Guest/RWC Replace Old Inefficient Machine with a New Mitsubishi Powered Pallet Truck

Welfaux recently provided John Guest/RWC with a fantastic new Mitsubishi Powered Pallet Truck to function as a great value replacement for their old, tired machine.

  Our Area Sales Manager, Simon Moody, recently helped existing customer John Guest/RWC to improve their efficiency with a brand-new Mitsubishi Powered Pallet Truck. They needed a new powered pallet truck to replace their much older machine. They knew what › Read More

How To Take an Eco-Minded Approach to Materials Handling and Warehouse Operations

The future is green – is your operation ready?

Environmental impact is an increasingly hot topic both for businesses in their working practices and individuals in their everyday lives. As more customers seek companies with sustainable and eco-friendly approaches, it may be time for businesses involved in materials handling and warehousing to examine where they can lessen their environmental impact. 

Buy Second-Hand

Over-consumption is a key contributor to environmental pollution. When everyone is constantly buying › Read More

Stand-Up Forklifts vs Sit-Down Forklift

Standing desks are all the rage now in today’s workplace. While many people who have standing desks hardly use them (a statistical assumption!), they’re a great addition to any office. They’re also brilliant for allowing you to stretch your legs every once in a while! There are also proven health benefits of not sitting down throughout an entire work shift, too. But choosing between a stand-up forklift and sit-down forklift is about more than › Read More

Pallet Stacker an Alternative to a Forklift?

A new pallet stacker could the best alternative to a used forklift

It’s often the case that the company hasn’t really thought about how the machine is actually being used day-to-day. Ideally, they’d look at how often it’s being used and in what situations. After all, the truck may have been in service for 5 or 10 years and businesses can change significantly in that time. By looking at the situation with fresh eyes, they may › Read More

Are Your Forklift Tyres Dangerous?


Your forklift’s tyres do a lot more than help your truck move around the warehouse… Unlike car tyres, those on a forklift are absolutely necessary to keep your operation stable and safe. But how do you know when a tyre becomes dangerous? And how can you stay safe for longer? Frighteningly, it’s an area where 28% of companies get it wrong: 3% of tyres are replaced › Read More

The Battle of the Engines!


There’s a battle raging between electric and IC engine forklifts, but which side will you choose? Just a few years ago, the choice was simple. But the latest developments in electrics make it a much tougher decision. While many lift truck manufacturers are emphasising the benefits of electric, at Welfaux we understand the real value from weighing up the options. After all, it’s the only way to ensure › Read More


Have you ever wondered just how safe your hand pallet trucks are? Because you might well just be breaking the official guidelines… Independent research indicates that moving a load of just 500 kg could mean you’re breaking the law. With government figures showing that using a hand pallet truck runs a much greater risk of injury than previously thought. To help you understand if your business is at risk, we’ll be exploring and explaining the legislation behind staying safe. We will also › Read More

Fingertip controls

While fatal and life-changing accidents may grab the headlines, there are longer-term injuries which affect countless forklift operators each day. Repetitive strain injuries are most associated with workers using computers or pneumatic drills, but upper limb disorders (ULD) affecting operators are costing British businesses millions of pounds each year.


RSI may not be your top consideration for a new truck. However, because these types of injury are so common, it’s worth really thinking about the ergonomics of your truck’s controls. You may think this isn’t › Read More

Batteries and chargers: it’s crucial to buy smart

Is buying an intelligent charger worth the outlay? Do cheap batteries save money in the long run?

The importance of optimum battery life for your application and ensuring it’s matched with the right charger becomes easily overlooked when looking at the prices of them. It’s human nature to want to go for the cheaper price. However, if you have a poor match, it can dramatically shorten the life of the battery. But a good battery and charger union could › Read More