Safer Site Essentials THREE: Site

Creating a safer site environment in which your trucks and people work, is imperative and is a big factor in eliminating risk.

Here are the main elements to consider.

Remove Layout and Design Risks

  • Try and segregate pedestrians and trucks as much as possible, and make sure any crossing points are clear and well signposted
  • Similarly aisles should be wide, free of obstacles and ideally one-way
  • Consider speed and the use of wall-mounted mirrors to enhance visibility
  • Minimize the need for reversing and ramp use where you can
  • Provide high levels of lighting and ventilation
  • Provide separate spaces for truck parking and maintenance
  • Above all, sites must be kept clean, tidy and well maintained

Train Non-Operators

All of the people injured in fork lift truck incidents are not operators. Check out our article on Mouse Trap Deaths to learn more about fork lift incidents.

To ensure your site is as safe as it can be you should consider some training for those who work in the same areas as fork lifts. This will help them understand the practical issues faced by operators and how they can help minimise the risk to themselves and others.

Encourage Ownership and Reporting, and Enforce Standards

Encouraging your workers to make suggestions and acting upon them will give everyone a sense of ownership and involvement in your safety practices. Consequently, enforcing standards with regular refreshers and written materials is a must. Especially as it encourages people to freely report issues and incidents.

Have a look and download this Site safety checklist – it has everything you need in it to make sure that your site is safe!

Helpful Reading

Hazard perception tests (available by emailing [email protected].)

Site safety checklist

Grahame Robb report on common causes for concern

If You Want to Take it One Step Further… 

As part of its ongoing mission to improve safety on fork lift truck sites across the UK, the Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) has launched Safer Site Pro. A step-by-step online guide to improving site safety.

Available exclusively to members of the Association’s Safe User Group, Safer Site Pro comprises 26 steps offering advice, guidance. Plus, a series of practical tasks to be completed – and supported by valuable resources and relevant real-life case studies.

The course shows managers and supervisors overseeing fork lift operations how to assess their site’s safety. As well as, how to make tried-and-tested improvements – often at little or no cost.

FLTA Chief Executive, Peter Harvey MBE, explains: “Building upon the original Safer Site programme, Safer Site Pro has been designed to be even easier to use. Any company can implement it, regardless of their operation’s size or how many trucks they have.”

The FLTA’s Safe User Group provides companies operating fork lift trucks with the resources, advice and support they need to improve and maintain site safety.

For companies who have not yet joined the Safe User Group, Safer Site Essentials; Its is freely available to all. Have a look at the FLTA website and check out a preview of what the Pro programme has to offer.

Peter continues: “Safer Site Pro is an excellent addition to the wealth of resources already available to Safe User Group members. This includes guidance documents, posters, videos, technical bulletins, and more… all for just £3.67 a week.”