Atom Plus RCM Ride On Electric Sweeper

Atom is a high performance compact sweeper.

It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and has a cleaning width of 1250mm.

Compact Sweeper

Atom has a central brush, either one or two side brushes and an up-and-over sweeping system that collects rubbish in the large rear-mounted hopper. Robust, compact and efficient, it cleans up to 6800m2 per hour.

Vacuum system

Atom features vacuumised main and side brushes which means that it sweeps dust free. Large filters ensure that this is maintained even in dusty environments.

Operator Comfort

Simple handle bar controls make Atom user-friendly and easy to drive. The controls fall easily to hand and combined with the front driving position make the Atom an easy and safe machine to operate.

Atom Plus Electric Specification

Cleaning Width: 950mm with single side brush, 1250mm with two side brushes
Hopper Capacity: 95 Litres
Manual Hopper Emptying
Filter Surface area: 6m2
Motor: 24v Electric
Power: 0,98
Batteries: 2 x 12 – 140
Traction: Rear wheels
Dimensions: 114×139.5×101
Weight: 225 less batteries
Electric Filter Shaker
Side Brushes: Standard 1 Option +1 Vacuumised
Steering: mechanical on front wheel
Brakes: Parking and service brakes
Drive: Mechanical to rear wheels
  • 2 years parts & labour warranty
  • Available for long term rental
  • Call 0118 978 3838 for more details and prices

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