Brava 900 Walk Behind Electric Sweeper

Brava is our best selling walk behind sweeper.

Fast, tough and reliable there is a Brava for all commercial cleaning applications that don't justify a ride on machine.

Walk Behind Sweepers

Walk behind sweepers are lightweight and can be push along or driven. Our Brava 900 is driven and comes with either a single or twin side brushes. It will quickly clear hard surfaces of dust, debris and litter. Working indoors or outside you can clean factory floors, driveways, car parks and pavements.

Cleaning Performance

Any sweepers performance is defined by its sweeping width and speed across the ground. The Brava 900 has a 600mm wide main-brush and the cleaning width is increased to 870mm by the standard side brush. The machine’s theoretical performance is that it can sweep 3500 square metres per hour. Practically this is limited by the operator, the number of times the hopper has to be emptied and the type of dirt being collected.

Sweeping System

The up-and-over sweeping system used in the Brava produces exceptional cleaning results. As it fills the hopper from the top it means that the hopper capacity can be fully used reducing the number of times it has to be emptied. The side brush pushes the dust and debris into the path of the vacuumised main brush keeping dust to a minimum.

Oscillating Side Brush

The side brush increases the Brava’s cleaning width and also makes it easy to sweep under warehouse racks, shelves and street furniture. This brush also means that you can clean right-up to the base of a wall and into corners.

Operating the Brava

Logical and clear operator controls fall easily to hand. An adjustable handle and the machine’s light weight makes using the Brava easy and comfortable for all types of people. No specific operator training is required as using the Brava is very similar to a domestic lawnmower.

Why Choose A Brava Walk Behind Sweeper?

If you need a simple to use, highly efficient pedestrian sweeper that will provide years of reliable service then you need look no further than the Brava. Your only choice is whether to have a petrol or electric motor. Contact us now to arrange a free of charge demonstration on your premises.

Brava 900 Electric Specification

Cleaning Width: 870mm
Hopper Capacity: 51 Litres
Manual Hopper Emptying
Filter Surface area: 3m2
Motor: 12v Electric
Power: 0.3/0.4
Batteries: 12 – 240
Traction: Mechanical
Dimensions: 138x84x98
Weight: 102
Manual Filter Shaker
Manual Start


  • 2 years parts & labour warranty
  • Available for long term rental
  • Call 0118 978 3838 for more details and prices

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