Patrol RCM Road Sweeper

Ideal for cleaning streets and town centres.

Like the Ronda, the Patrol can work pedestrian zones but it is also road-approved which means it is ideal for cleaning streets and town centres too.


  • A top speed of 25mph
  • Sweeping width of up to 2350mm
  • Cleaning rate of 23,000 square metres per hour!
  • Humungous 800 litre hopper
  • Power steering and large kerb-climbing wheels


Patrol is designed to give you all the benefits of Ronda but on a bigger scale. It’s faster and more capacious yet just as manoeuvrable and every bit as easy to use.

Why choose the Patrol?

Patrol is as flexible as it is fast, gulping litter greedily as it dashes through town centres, sports centres and car parks alike. Its massive hopper and powerful vacuum clean very large areas between empties.

Comfortable Cabin

Its comfy cabin, easy to use controls and power steering make operating this ride-on a real breeze, whatever the weather. Simply put, Patrol will happily take on any urban terrain, large or small – in any weather.

Patrol Specification

Cleaning Width: 1700 with two side brushes, 2000 with 3 side brushes, 2350 with 4 side brushes
Hopper Capacity: 800 Litres
Hydraulic Hopper Emptying
Motor: Kubota Diesel
Power: 34-25
Traction: Rear Wheels
Dimensions: 297x130x199
Weight: 1500kg
Electric Start
Side Brushes: Standard 2 Option +1 or +2 Vacuumised
Brakes: Parking and service
Drive: Hydrostatic to rear wheels


  • 2 years parts & labour warranty
  • Available for long term rental
  • Call 0118 978 3838 for more details and prices

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