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Take care when adding hydraulic attachments to new electric forklift trucks

If you’re in the process of ordering an electric forklift truck with a hydraulic attachment you need to take special care. Unless it is correctly specified and fitted, you could cut the operating life of your battery by 50%. Read on and we’ll tell you how a leading company discovered, to its cost, the problems caused by a mismatch between truck and attachment … what caused the problem… and what you can do to avoid it happening to you. › Read More

New Electric Forklift or Diesel/Gas engine – which is right for your site?

Whether you’re looking for your first forklift truck or looking to replace an existing truck, choosing the right type can be daunting. And the fact that – as in all industries – the technological, legislative and environmental issues can change doesn’t make your decision any easier. What will help, though, is our easy-to-follow guide on whether an electric or an IC truck best serves your purpose. When deciding between an electric and an IC truck, the key question › Read More

How new forklift battery technology can save you money

New-style chargers can pay for themselves in less than a year

Forklift battery save money

Simply switching over to electric power can deliver substantial savings, so much so that we often take this energy source for granted. But there are some additional technological advancements out there. We’ve spoken to some of the industry’s leading manufacturers of forklift batteries, chargers and systems to find out about how these innovations deliver tangible › Read More

Forklift warranties: how to stack the odds in your favour

Is buying an extended warranty a sensible safeguard or a waste of cash? Here are seven essential questions to ask when making your choice

Do you like taking risks? At some time most of us have played the lottery or placed a bet on the outcome of a sporting event. But would you do the same with your day-to-day business? Some people compare extended warranties to taking a gamble: what are the odds of something going wrong? Does that risk › Read More

Bad Vibrations – Are your forklift trucks falling foul of the law?

Lowering your forklift’s travelling speed can greatly reduce the level of body vibrations created.

Body vibrations on forklift trucks have been a hot topic from the moment European Directive 2002/44/EC shone the spotlight on them. The big question is whether the use of damping techniques and better seats is really worthwhile? Wouldn’t it be better to meet the directive another way? A recent series of on-site tests provide the answer. According to Directive 2002/44/EC on body vibrations, employers must prevent › Read More

Power up! The advantages of electric forklifts.

Let’s face it- buying any large piece of machinery is a big decision for any business. The right forklift in the right location has the power to increase productivity and significantly reduce everyday costs. For many, electric forklifts can be the sustainable piece of equipment that meets both current and future needs. FBKRT-MINDET-WEBMIN-01-L The electric forklift really comes into its own when used in warehouses and within the manufacturing industry. With a › Read More

Optimise your warehouse operations with the ‘right’ forklift truck

What are the differences between narrow aisle and normal aisle forklift trucks?

When it comes to picking the right warehouse truck, your choice is influenced by how much you want to lift, how high you want to lift it, how far you want to travel and how much space you have to work in. Our simple guide should help you pinpoint the truck type that best suits your needs – but a Free Warehouse Survey from Welfaux is by far › Read More

Mitsubishi becomes third-biggest producer of forklifts

EDIAEX-34MRANGE-FULL-01-PMitsubishi is paying more than 110 billion yen ($887 million) for UniCarriers Corp – creating the world’s third-biggest producer of forklift trucks.
In a statement on 31st July, Mitsubishi also posted first-quarter results, with net income rising 58 percent to 35.5 billion yen for the three months ended June 30, better than expected – and sales of 931.5 billion yen, up 8.3 percent, handily beat forecasts.
The purchase will produce combined sales › Read More

Our guidance on buying a used forklift

When to buy used forklift trucks

Right now, there are some very attractive deals on used materials handling equipment – but it’s also a very good time to buy new, so you need to be extra careful to get the best overall deal. Like buying a used car, the seller may not want to tell you everything and repair bills could cost you thousands, so it’s up to you to choose a reputable supplier and to check the truck thoroughly › Read More

Maximise your forklift’s battery life

7 ways to get the most from this vital component

Rising fuel prices and environmental concerns have encouraged many forklift owners to make the switch to electric trucks. While battery power delivers substantial savings – especially in the current financial climate – these can quickly be lost by poor battery care. A typical forklift battery is worth up to 30% of a new truck’s value and offers you approximately 6,000 working hours. It is your fuel for the next five › Read More