Short on Space? Here are the Best Forklifts for Small Warehouses

With tight corners, narrow alleyways and reduced room for manoeuvre, small warehouses can provide a challenging environment for many forklift trucks, especially if you are using the incorrect type of truck.

By using a truck optimised for your space, you could make current operations safer, save money, and increase productivity and efficiency. Here are WMH top recommendations of forklifts that are well-suited for small warehouses:

Reach Trucks

Reach Trucks are relatively slender machines that offer outstanding manoeuvrability and lift height. The reach truck is able to operate in very tight environments with heights in excess of 10 metres, due to its ability to reach out using its forks. With a stabilising leg and heavy batteries, reach trucks are very stable, and no counterbalance weight is required as long as you keep within the safe limit loads.

Did you know that we also sell multi-way reach trucks? These forklifts give you even more manoeuvrability, with multi-directional travel modes and multi-way reach. Multi-way reach Trucks are ideal for precise and intuitive handling of wide and unusual loads in narrow aisles. We recommend the Mitsubishi RBM20-25K Series Multi-Way Reach Truck, which can lift unusual loads up to 2500kg, up to 10 metres high!

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Narrow Aisle Trucks

Narrow Aisle Trucks are designed to work well in small spaces, providing complete access to pallet racking and warehouse shelving. A fast and safe solution to moving products within tight spaces, narrow aisle trucks can reach very high welling from within a narrow aisle or walkway space. Also, did we mention that narrow aisle forklifts are generally cheaper than larger forklifts, and require less maintenance and fewer fluids to operate as their function is simple and limited?

We provide both refurbished and new narrow aisle lift trucks from leading manufacturers such as Bendi, Hyster and Misubishi, along with full support, maintenance and training services.

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At Welfaux MH, we have a wide range of forklifts to fit any space and a wide variety of uses. With over thirty years of trading experience, you can be confident that we will find the best forklift for the space and budget you have available.

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