THE PBPL12 Mitsubishi Forklift Truck

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks has launched the PBPL12 electric hand pallet truck.

The new affordable powered pallet truck suitable for transporting loads to 1.2t.

We’ve reported many times about how important safety at work is. According to the HSE, more than a third of injuries requiring at least three days off work are caused by manual handling. Operators using load-transporting equipment which doesn’t meet the demands of the job, are the cause of many of these injuries.

Stewart Gosling of Red Diamond Distribution – official importer for Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks in the UK – explains: “Employers have a legal responsibility to provide the right equipment for lifting and shifting heavy loads. Organisations are often unknowingly putting employees and productivity at risk. They do this by relying on hand pallet trucks that are only suitable for infrequent use. Plus, they’re only suitable for loads up to 500kg.

“By offering all the safety and productivity benefits of a powered pallet truck at a relatively low price-tag, Mitsubishi is making it easier and safer for businesses to move loads of up to 1.2t,” adds Gosling.

They’re not just compact but have a durable design too. This makes them suitable for light to medium-duty indoor applications in tight areas such as cargo containers and retail environments. The PBPL12 offers fast battery charging of its 48v Lithium batteries and easy servicing.

Also operators will benefit from an effortless experience. With no straining, pushing or pulling and businesses benefit from less operational downtime. This leads to fewer productivity losses from manual handling injuries.

“The PBPL12 offers a simple but effective solution to a common problem,” Gosling concludes. “By offering a powered pallet truck at an affordable price, Mitsubishi is making it easier for businesses to provide the equipment that improves employee safety and reduces operational risk.”

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