The Secret to Avoiding Costly Forklift Repair

Here are a few simple steps you can take to avoid an unexpected and unpleasant forklift repair bill later down the line.

In order to avoid inconvenient and costly repair bills, forklift maintenance is an incredibly important thing to stay on top of. For all your machinery does for you, it’s not too much to ask that you give it a little TLC in return! Maintenance is also key to help prevent accidents and, considering it is National Forklift Safety Day on the 8th of this month, we think it’s a good time to give you some tips to keep your forklift up to scratch.

Make sure you know your forklift

It is essential that you are completely familiar with the forklift make and model you are running. Knowing the specs and how it’s meant to run is key to noticing when something may be wrong. Training is a key part of this, so that operators know how to use the forklift safely. You also need to ensure that your machinery undergoes Thorough Examination by an accredited organisation about twice a year – this a legal requirement to make sure that your heavy machinery is safe to run. Find out more about Thorough Examination here.

Keeping it clean

A few good housekeeping practices can go a long way to ensuring the longevity of your equipment. Plastic wrapping, straps and ties, pallet chips, and general debris on the warehouse floor can cause much more damage to your machinery than you would expect.

  • Plastic wrap and ties can get pulled up into the wheel hubs. As the operator drives, the buildup can tighten causing damage and strain to the seals.
  • Pallet chips and other debris can damage the tyres themselves, causing chunking and requiring replacement.

If you need some help keeping your warehouse and pathways clear and tidy, take a look at our range of cleaning equipment – including sweepers and scrubber driers

Look after your batteries

As electric forklifts and pallet trucks become increasingly popular thanks to their eco-friendly qualities and lower maintenance, it is important to know how to keep their batteries running for as long as possible.

Properly caring for your batteries and charging stations can help avoid costly battery system repairs or replacement. Our supplier, Triathlon Batteries, has a whole host of great information on their website. Check it out here.

Regular inspections are also important: if you see any corrosion on the battery cells, it’s best to call a forklift repair professional as a corroded cell can cause other components to overheat and at times fail.

Maintenance plans

One of the easiest ways to protect your budget at the same time as taking care of your equipment is planned maintenance. On average, the cost to repair a forklift is four times higher than the cost to properly maintain the equipment in the first place.

Preventing a problem is always better than having to fix one unexpectedly. Our fully qualified forklift engineers are trained to identify potential risks and/or issues with your equipment that if left and not attended to swiftly could turn into a larger problem later on.
Correctly maintained, your equipment will operate more reliably and prevent unplanned downtime and unnecessary costly repairs.

Whatever your needs we provide a wide range of Service, Maintenance and Repair agreements that can be provided for individual requirements.

Whether you have one forklift truck or a larger fleet please get in touch to discuss or arrange for a free no obligation site survey and consultation with one of our team so that we can tailor a package to suit your needs.