What’s Included in a Materials Handling Equipment Site Survey?

They’re free, they’re fast, and they’re effective – but what actually is a site survey and what are the benefits to you as a customer?


We offer free site surveys here at Welfaux MH. They allow us to make sure that you always have the best equipment for the job, whether you’re introducing a forklift to your site for the first time or if your site has changed and you need a review of your current equipment. Ultimately, they save you time and money and help to improve your efficiency and productivity – but what exactly is the process, and what do you as a customer need to be aware of?


Here is your quick guide to equipment site surveys: 


What are the benefits? 

  • Ensure value for money – They allow us to recommend the best equipment to suit your application and ultimately give you the best value for their money. 
  • Stay working as efficiently as possible – Our experts can advise you on the latest equipment to suit increased racking density, reach, and scale if your site changes – as well as efficiencies to be gained from your existing equipment.
  • No stress if you move site – We can provide you with a comprehensive review of your current equipment and how it can be best deployed to suit your new circumstances if you move site.


How often/when will they be carried out?

Site surveys are usually carried out at the beginning of the buying process. This helps the customer understand what equipment they require. However, a site survey can be carried out at any time and can be worthwhile if the customer is thinking of changing an aspect of their warehouse or yard space.  


What is the process?

We will come to your site and look at all aspects of the business where a forklift or sweeper/scrubber drier is going to be used. We take key measurements and details to ascertain the correct specification of equipment we are going to quote.


Does the client need to have anything prepared?

Nothing at all. Just an open mind and about 30-60 minutes of their time.


Can you do it in Covid-safe conditions? 

Absolutely. We take all of the precautions required and have the necessary PPE equipment.


Contact us today to arrange your site survey, whether for new equipment or a review of your existing equipment.