What’s Included in a Thorough Examination and Why is it Important?

Are you following procedures and protocols? If you care about safety – and you should – making sure that you are on top of your Thorough Examinations is key.

Estimates show that tens of thousands of people gain injuries every year due to misuse or lack of forklift training. That is why operating a forklift is a specialist job that requires training and authoritative approval from your employer. To make it even safer, you need to make sure your machinery undergoes regular Thorough Examinations. 


What is a Thorough Examination?

A Thorough Examination is a bit like a car’s MOT. Both a Thorough Examination and an MOT are means of certifying that, at the time of testing, all components which have a bearing on safety have undergone a formal inspection and assessment and are in a safe condition.

Just as a car’s MOT and 10,000-mile service are two different things, a Thorough Examination is distinctly separate from a truck’s regular maintenance programme.

It is not part of maintenance – it is an examination embedded in legislation. As a result, you don’t usually receive a Thorough Examination in a maintenance agreement, unless you specifically request it.


Is a Thorough Examination a legal requirement?

Yes. Two pieces of Health and Safety legislation require it:

  • LOLER 98
  • PUWER 98


What are my obligations?

Every truck you have in service, including hired trucks, must have a current Report of Thorough Examination. This is akin to the MOT certificate.

It must comply with Schedule 1 of LOLER 98. You must be able to produce it when required to do so by an enforcement officer.

The responsibility for obtaining this Report of Thorough Examination lies with you, the user of the truck (whether you own, lease or hire).


How often do you need a Thorough Examination?

At least every 12 months. Depending on the application, the intensity of use and the nature of any attachments, the regulations may require this interval to be reduced to 6 or even 4 months.


Who can carry out a Thorough Examination?

Someone designated as a Competent Person under the terms of the regulations. To be designated, the examiner must have had appropriate experience and training. We can carry out Thorough Examinations for you, and all of our new trucks come with a Thorough Examination completed free of charge. 


What else do I need to do to ensure safe operation?

Your Forklift Trucks must have the following:

  • Servicing at least twice if not more annually
  • Issued with a LOLER certificate annually
  • Issued with a Chain Test certificate annually
  • You need to make sure to issue a Fork Test certificate annually
  • Lastly, unlicensed drivers are not to operate the forklift.


Have any questions? Want to arrange a maintenance package with us, or book a Thorough Examination? Just get in touch.