Combilift CB Series

2.5 tonnes

The innovative Combi-CB range is a compact, multi-directional forklift like no other forklift. It is THE original multi-directional counterbalance forklift truck with the added benefit of having the ability to carry long loads in sideways mode. Its customised handling solution brings with it many advantages to customers who are using standard conventional counter-balance forklifts, reach trucks, side loaders or electric 4-way forklifts.

Due to its diminutive size combined with its manoeuvrability as well as it’s unique 4-way steering system, the Combi-CB is the perfect all-round forklift for transporting a range of goods, from palletised loads to steel beams. This system gives the user multi-directional capabilities, delivering possible space savings of up to 100%.

Along with the Combi-CB comes a wide range of fork sizes, spreaders and attachments available for even the most specialist applications. What’s more, specialist applications need a wide range of tyres, so you can do your job on any surface.

It is designed with long-load safety in mind; by eliminating the need to travel with elevated long loads, the until provides greater stability. The Combi-CB has a low profile and compact design and due to its integrated platform, it has a low centre of gravity too, which provides a more stable base. Plus, Combi-Lift believe that a confident operator is a productive one and the Combi-CB is built with the operator in mind. Driver visibility has been improved and maximised by its off centre and high seating positioning, which is fully protected from falling materials by its sturdy roll cage.

The controls have been designed to be intuitive and ergonomically positioned for driver comfort. The seat has full suspension and is fully adjustable and the side shift is fitted as standard with the optional integrated hydraulic fork positioner, meaning there is rarely a need for the driver to leave the cab. And why would you want too? With optional fully enclosed cabins with heating, you can be safe and warm.

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