Discover the Updated BITA GN28 Guidance and Its Impact on Thorough Examination

This National Forklift Safety Day 2021, on June 8th, updated BITA GN28 guidance was released. This impacts on Thorough Examination for industrial and rough-terrain lift trucks; here’s how. 


GN28 is guidance supplied by the industry on how to comply with the legal obligations for Thorough Examination (LOLER) and Safety Inspections (PUWER) for industrial and rough-terrain lift trucks including variable-reach trucks (telehandlers).


To make sure the guidance stays relevant, it undergoes periodic review and is updated. This updated guidance was released this year in conjunction with National Forklift Safety Day 2021 on June 8th as part of a wider message on the importance of making sure all material handling equipment is safe to use as we emerge from lockdowns into the ‘new normal’. 


What is Thorough Examination and who carries it out? 

Thorough Examination is the name given to the mandatory inspection required by law to ensure that lifting equipment is safe and properly functioning; a bit like MOT for cars.


UKMHA recommends that all Thorough Examinations should be completed by a CFTS-accredited Competent Person. The CFTS mark is a guarantee that a truck will be examined carefully, and that key components such as brakes and steering will also be checked, along with the lifting mechanism. We are a CTFS member so can carry out Thorough Examination on your equipment – contact our team to arrange yours today!


Find out more about Thorough Examination here. 


What does the updated GN28 guidance say?

The updated GN28 incorporates several changes to the current guidelines, including:

  • Clarification around the date of first examination
  • Confirmation on requirements for lorry-mounted trucks
  • Recommended intervals between examinations for attachments
  • Improved guidance on inspection and test criteria.


Where can I get a copy of BITA GN28?

GN28 is free to BITA and FLTA members. It can also be purchased from the BITA webstore. However, you do not necessarily need to read it – as an accredited CTFS member, we are aware of any relevant changes and can answer any questions you might have. If you have any questions, please contact us today!