How To Take an Eco-Minded Approach to Materials Handling and Warehouse Operations

The future is green – is your operation ready?

Environmental impact is an increasingly hot topic both for businesses in their working practices and individuals in their everyday lives. As more customers seek companies with sustainable and eco-friendly approaches, it may be time for businesses involved in materials handling and warehousing to examine where they can lessen their environmental impact. 

Buy Second-Hand

Over-consumption is a key contributor to environmental pollution. When everyone is constantly buying new, the greenhouse gases from manufacturing and transportation rockets and many perfectly usable trucks end up being scrapped. Yes, newer and greener models are being produced and that is something worth considering when purchasing a new forklift truck. However, buying second-hand is a fantastic way to have a positive impact on the environment. Avoiding the production of those extra polluting gases and ensuring workable trucks aren’t just scrapped, buying second-hand can be both a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative. 

At Welfaux, we ensure we are recycling parts wherever we can. If a truck is at the end of its life, we will send it to the scrap yard next door to us – reducing pollution from transportation. However, first we always take off any parts which can be reused. As much as possible, we strive to refurbish used trucks to ensure they are in perfect working condition, which we then offer for either purchase or hire.  

In terms of second-hand forklifts, we offer anything and everything. We don’t have a set type of machine – just whatever the customer is looking for. We mainly offer Mitsubishi, but we do sell other makes of forklifts as well.


Eco-Friendly Forklift Models

With modern technology, it is easier than ever to purchase a new forklift model with environmental impact in mind. The most obvious choice is electric trucks, which are all eco-friendly to a certain extent. The Mitsubishi EDIA FB14-20 series, available in either 3-wheel or 4-wheel counterbalance, is a fantastic option. It’s the most intelligent truck on the market and one of the most durable. Packed with features, it delivers the manoeuvrability, power and reliability you expect from a Mitsubishi. Designed and engineered to perform, these 48-volt three and four-wheel electrics work intuitively, tailoring their performance to your individual operator.

If you are looking at a gas option, Mitsubishi have developed some incredibly clean and fuel-efficient engine-powered trucks. Their gas trucks have three-way catalytic converters, making the engines “clean burn” engines producing an extremely small amount of harmful gases and toxins. They are also meant to be one of the most fuel-efficient trucks on the market. The Mitsubishi GRENDIA ES 15-35 series LPG forklifts are an incredible option, available from 1.5-3.5 tonnes. The name GRENDIA means ‘Green Diamond’: green for environmental protection; diamond for high quality, reliability and sound investments. Fast, stable and exceptionally powerful, GRENDIA forklift trucks offer a potent combination of high efficiency, low emissions and very low noise levels. To that, Mitsubishi has added a host of ergonomic features to maximise comfort, control and precision. The result is a forklift that can be relied upon to deliver top performance, whatever the application, whatever the conditions.


Consider Hiring

Along the same theme of reducing waste and consumption as in our first point, hiring is a great alternative to buying when you are looking for machinery. If you need some machinery for only a short period, need to supplement your collections for a certain time period, or any other reason, hiring is a great way to keep costs down and reduce demand – and therefore waste. We offer both long and short-term hire, on new and second-hand forklifts. Find out more here. 


We hope this will help you to adopt a more eco-friendly mindset going forward – it is the way the world is moving, so make sure you are ready! Get in touch with the team if you have any questions or enquiries.