New or used, Electric or Gas? Where to Start when Purchasing or Hiring your Forklift Fleet!

Forklift trucks are an essential tool that many businesses rely on for efficiency and productivity. However, as with any much-needed business tool, Forklifts can also be pretty expensive, and the range of buying options and types can be extremely confusing!

So how do you know whether you should buy or rent your forklift? And which fuel option is the best for your business? At Welfaux MH we want to do the heavy lifting for you (excuse the pun), which is › Read More

Is Your Business In London’s Low-Emission Zone (LEZ)? Here’s How to Optimise Your Warehouse & Machinery

Navigating the LEZ while maximising efficiency and productivity can be difficult. Here are our top tips for optimising your warehouse and machinery.

  We’ve worked with a number of clients who have premises in London’s Low-Emission Zone (LEZ) to help them to optimise their warehouse and machinery to suit a low-emission environment and maximise the use of their space.    If you are in the LEZ, you don’t want to have huge, sprawling premises. It’s too › Read More

Discover the Updated BITA GN28 Guidance and Its Impact on Thorough Examination

This National Forklift Safety Day 2021, on June 8th, updated BITA GN28 guidance was released. This impacts on Thorough Examination for industrial and rough-terrain lift trucks; here’s how. 

  GN28 is guidance supplied by the industry on how to comply with the legal obligations for Thorough Examination (LOLER) and Safety Inspections (PUWER) for industrial and rough-terrain lift trucks including variable-reach trucks (telehandlers).   To make sure the guidance stays relevant, it undergoes periodic review and is › Read More