Industrial Floor Sweepers

Welfaux Materials Handling are authorised dealers for Kärcher Industrial floor sweepers. These industrial sweepers are specialist machines used to clean large, hard-surface areas in warehouses, car-parks, retail units and any other areas that need regular and thorough sweeping.

These sweeping machines are ideal for keeping large areas clear of dust, debris and litter and come in two categories; walk-behind and ride-on.
The size of the area you need to clean dictates your choice of walk-behind or ride-on sweeper - and the Welfaux team are here to help you choose the right machine for your requirements.
Welfaux have a comprehensive range of powered sweeping machines that are designed to maximise efficiency in industrial floor cleaning.

Walk-Behind Sweepers

With four models to choose from, we have a cleaning machine for every application. Pedestrian sweepers are ideal for cleaning work areas, commercial property and confined spaces. They can be petrol or electric powered - and side brushes can be added to increase their sweeping width. Whichever model you choose you will get a powerful, well made machine that will give you years of reliable use.

Ride-on Sweepers

Ride-on sweepers are best for cleaning large areas, inside or out. Choose from our wide range depending on the size of the area you have and how quickly you want to clean it.

Industrial Sweepers Overview

Industrial sweepers combine a mechanical sweeping action with a powerful vacuum system. The sweeper's main brush is rotated by a powerful motor against the direction of travel, and this collects the dust and debris into a large hopper, assisted by the vacuum system which sucks air over the brush, through the hopper and out via a filter into the atmosphere.
A unique feature of all Kärcher industrial sweepers is their up-and-over collection system. This places the hopper at the back of the machine and fills it from the top. This is not only more efficient in utilising the hopper capacity but also produces far better cleaning performance. The addition of optional side brushes will increase a sweeper's cleaning width. The other major component of any sweeper is its vacuum system which filters dust particles out of the exhausted air. Click here to see a schematic showing how the major components are arranged in a ride-on sweeper.

Choosing the Right Sweeper

Sweepers must be tough and reliable for industrial applications. Welfaux are able to provide you with the right advice and guidance on selecting the most cost effective and efficient industrial sweeper for your requirements.
The Kärcher range of sweepers all include a rugged steel chassis and robust running gear. Hoppers are large and easy to empty, perfectly positioned behind the main brush or at the rear of the machine so they don't obstruct the driver's view of the work area.
The Welfaux Kärcher walk-behind sweepers are light and easy to use, and powerful enough to work for a full shift if required. Sweepers being used in warehouses are made even more effective by the addition of a separate vacuum cleaner for cleaning within the storage system as shown in this example.
Our larger ride-on sweepers feature a hydraulic hopper emptying system. They also feature a vacuum system on the side-brushes to eliminate the dust caused by the sweeping process. The larger sweepers are equipped with electric filter shakers to keep the vacuum system working at optimum performance.

Wide Choice

From large ride-on sweepers, cleaning up to 6000 square metres per hour, to low cost pedestrian sweepers, the choice is yours. Please call Welfaux on 0118 978 38380118 978 3838 for advice in selecting the right industrial floor sweeper for your business.


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