National Forklift Safety Day 2021 – Here’s All You Need to Know

It’s one of the most important annual campaigns in the Materials Handling industry – National Forklift Safety Day is here again, and the focus this year is on Thorough Examination.

National Forklift Safety Day 2021 is focused on conveying an important safety message to the UK material handling industry. This year, the UKMHA has decided to center the campaign around the importance of accredited Thorough Examination and the event will coincide with the publication of an updated BITA GN28 – the industry approved guideline on Thorough Examination and Safety Inspection of Industrial Lift Trucks in accordance with the provisions of LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) 1998 and PUWER (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations) 1998.

What is Thorough Examination?

Thorough Examination (TE) is the name given to the mandatory inspection required by law to ensure that lifting equipment is in safe working order. It is roughly equivalent to the MOT for cars.

  • UKMHA recommends all Thorough Examinations are completed by a CFTS-accredited Competent Person.
  • TE process governed by Health & Safety Executive regulations.
  • The CFTS mark awarded is a guarantee a lift truck has been examined carefully, and that key components such as brakes and steering have been checked, together with the lifting mechanism.
  • All MHE must receive a Thorough Examination at least once a year.

The updated Guidance Note 28

The updated GN28, which is free to members of BITA and FLTA, incorporates several changes to the current guidelines. These include:

  • Identifying when defects must be reported to the authorities
  • Clarification around the date of first examination
  • Confirmation on requirements for lorry-mounted trucks
  • Recommended intervals between examinations for attachments • Improved guidance on inspection and test criteria.

We hope you use this day as an opportunity to reflect within your company and with your team on the importance of forklift safety. If you have any questions about Thorough Examination, please visit our dedicated blog or check out these FAQs from the UKMHA.